Shipping Experience

Our extensive facility services a fleet of tankers and Crew Transfer  / Support  Vessels. We engage in offshore sea shuttle services, freight forwarding operations, haulage and stevedoring services. In addition, a further 5.5 acres of secure undercover warehousing is available both on and off dock. 

140 Years of Experience

The origins of JR Rix & Sons Ltd dates back to the early 19th century when a Sea Captain and Merchant Adventurer called Robert Rix traded out of the port of Hull.

The Rix maritime tradition continues to this day with a fleet of 4 coastal tankers and 3 estuarial barges, all doubled hulled. Our fleet trades primarily on the East Coast of the UK, but is available to trade around the UK and continental Europe.

Originally established over 140 years ago, Rix is now a fifth generation family business with a heritage that ensures continued independence, pride in the past and a stable reliable future.


Rix is positioned at important port locations on the East coast of the UK in both Hull and the Port of Montrose; excellent ports for offshore wind operations and maintenance. The organization owns 25 acres of off dock land in Hull, incorporating planning for 275,000 ft2 of undercover storage. In addition it owns and operates a vast property portfolio in Montrose.

Rix has strategic relationships with several oil majors on the Humber Estuary and delivers over 70% of the bunker fuel market on the Humber through its fleet of double skinned ships and barges. 



Maritime Bunkering

Maritime Bunkering Limited is a Rix owned company and one of the biggest supplies of marine fuels on the estuary providing a full range of marine fuels on the East Coast of the UK and throughout the world through a network of trading partners.   

We aim to provide first class bunker deliveries at all times. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing the most competitive prices whilst maintaining the highest level of service and local knowledge. We are a family owned business, which is now in its 5th generation, intending to be involved with shipping related ventures for many years ahead.