Our Workboats

Our state-of-the-art offshore workboats have been specially constructed to contend with the difficulties of the North Sea whilst at the same time providing a comfortable and safe surrounding for personnel.

All of our vessels have a two-man crew who are both highly experienced seafarers and are directly employed by Rix Sea Shuttle. They have a great understanding of our requirements and processes, as well as our commitment to providing flexible and professional customer service at all times. We are true to our CSR policy and are focussed on investing in the future of not only Great Britain but also our local communities which is why our workboats are all built locally, utilising local workforces.

Rix Panther Offshore Vessel Rix Panther Offshore Vessel

The ‘Rix Panther’ is the first of the new Wave Master class of wind farm offshore suppor...

Next Available: 22nd March 2018

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Rix Tiger Offshore Vessel Rix Tiger Offshore Vessel

The ‘Rix Tiger’ is the second of the new Wave Master class of wind farm offshore support...

Next Available: May 2018

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Rix Lion Offshore Vessel Rix Lion Offshore Vessel

The ‘Rix Lion’ is a state of the art offshore support vessel. The vessel, built by ...

Next Available: August 2018

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Rix Lynx Offshore Vessel Rix Lynx Offshore Vessel

The Rix Lynx crew transfer vessel is a 27m Offshore High-Speed Support Vessel. It is able to perform...

Next Available: 2020

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Rix Leopard Offshore Vessel Rix Leopard Offshore Vessel

The ‘Rix Leopard' offshore vessel is the latest crew transfer vessel in the Rix Sea Shutt...

Next Available: 2020

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Rix Cheetah Offshore Vessel Rix Cheetah Offshore Vessel

The ‘Rix Cheetah’ is an Alicat class offshore support vessel. The new design featur...

Next Available: 21st June 2018

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