Personnel and Equipment Transfer

Ensuring your personnel and equipment experience a safe, secure and comfortable journey, come rain or shine.

All of our dedicated Rix Sea Shuttle offshore crew transfer vessels have been purposely designed to assist in the construction, maintenance, operation and transfers associated with offshore windfarms. The offshore support vessels are built to highly technical specifications - both on the inside and out - and have been equipped to exacting safety standards ensuring comfort and safety for your staff at all times.

Some of the services that our vessels can provide:

Personnel Transfer - Including Offshore windfarms and Oil & Gas crew transfers

Comfortable, quiet and spacious accommodation means that your crews are delivered to the project on time and ready for work. Experienced crew mean that the safety of personnel is at all times paramount.

Operations & Maintenance Support

Our vessels can be used for the transportation of your personnel and equipment for O&M work. We are always looking for new ways to support O&M work and are keen to explore new and innovative ways of working to ensure the most cost efficient way of progressing your project.

Construction Support

Our vessels are able to support the construction phase of your project, for example assisting the cable lay with messenger line runs or the movement of equipment for grouting and commissioning works.

Transport of equipment

All our vessels have a HIAB crane fitted to assist with the loading of your project cargo in port to transport to your site. All crew members have been trained as a banks-man and slinger to ensure the safety of lifts at all times.

Fuel transfer capability

We have additional 5m3 deck tanks that can be used to support bunkering operations, which coupled with our experience of refuelling at sea, allow a turnkey solution to be presented for the bunkering of generators etc. on towers.

Survey Work

Our vessels and crew are able to support hydrographic surveys, marine wildlife surveys along with the deployment of subsea equipment. All vessels have areas on board which can be converted to a survey station for your personnel to use.

Dive platform capability

It is possible to load a small dive suite to the vessel allowing air diving operations to take place for survey and construction work.

There are always two experienced members of Rix Sea Shuttle crew, who are fully employed by us, on board the vessel to transfer your personnel and equipment safely. Our staff are friendly, helpful, competent and focussed on providing the offshore support service that you need – however, whenever.

Rix Sea Shuttle is financially robust and independently owned which means we can work dynamically and effectively. Our knowledge, coupled with our broad skill base and huge, trusted historic network means that we can also be very flexible and reactive to your needs.

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