'World's biggest' wind farm to be built off East Yorkshire coast

The team at Rix Sea Shuttle were delighted to hear the announcement yesterday that the 'World's biggest' offshore wind farm is to be built off East Yorkshire coast. 

Not only is it great that the UK is leading the way with offshore wind farm developments, but our home of East Yorkshire is very much at the forefront of the projects. And with the announcement yesterday that Dong energy was going to be building the ' Worlds biggest' offshore wind farm development off the East Yorkshire coast this has very much confirmed the region's commitment to the renewable energy. 

The offshore wind farm will produce enough energy to power more than a million homes.

Developer Dong Energy said it had made the final investment decision to build the Hornsea Project One.

The company claimed the 157 sq mile (407 sq km) site, expected to be operational by 2020, would be the world's largest offshore wind farm.

The government said the projects will provide jobs and private investment.

The site will cover an area the size of more than 58,000 football pitches and will be located 75 miles (120 km) off the coast. Each of the 174 turbines will be 581ft (177m) high.

A cable connecting the site to the National Grid will come ashore at a site in Killingholme in North Lincolnshire.

Dong Energy has already built the Westermost Rough wind farm which consist of 35 turbines located 16 miles (25km) off the Holderness coast.

Read more about the announcement on the BBC website.