Rix Lion gets a 'check up' thanks to a new state of the art crane at Grimsby

The Rix Lion has had a routine health check and clean with the help of a brand new hoist at Grimsby Docks.

The £1.8 million investment into Grimsby’s dock has roared into life, with the Rix Lion the first dedicated wind farm vessel to be hoisted from the dock.

James Doyle, managing director, Rix Sea Shuttle, told how having the hoist available helped bring work forward to suit a contract it is serving out of Great Yarmouth. He said: “It was very, very useful for us commercially. We would have struggled to get the ship into another facility. It is a fantastic advantage for us as an organisation to have that there.

Rix Lion being hoisted in Grimsby dock

“It is routine work that had been scheduled to be done, but we had to bring it forward to meet requirements of a client and get it back out onto contract quicker.  Speed was of the essence and to have it all on our doorstep really, really helps things.” She is currently working for Statoil on Dudgeon, off the North Norfolk coast, having previously worked on Lynn & Inner Dowsing, Grimsby’s first offshore wind farm.

Rix Lion wind farm workboat

For more information about the hoist please click here.

Source: www.humberbusiness.com