Rix Leopard launched at the Piriou shipyard in Vietnam

The latest wind farm workboat to the Rix Sea Shuttle fleet was introduced to the water in December at a launch ceremony at the Piriou shipyard in Vietnam. The small ceremony took place with the shipyard personnel and the team who are building the vessel.

Progress of the build is going well and the outfitting of the accommodation and engine rooms are nearing being ready for the sea trials which are scheduled to take place in mid-February. Once the trials have been completed successfully she will be brought to the UK via the help of a heavy lift ship.

The Rix Leopard will be ready for her first contract from May 2016 and we are already taking inquiries, so if you would like to find out more about her or any of our offshore wind farm vessels please contact us.

Below is a picture of the launch ceremony in Vietnam on the 24th December.

Rix Leopard offshore windfarm workboat