Latest Rix Wind Farm work boat takes to the water

The Rix Cheetah, was craned into the Humber estuary at Paull this week and towed to Hull’s Albert Dock for finishing.

The boat was built at the Rix-owned former Hepworth ship yard in Paull, east of Hull.

Rix wind farm workboat - Cheetah

Previously built vessels at the yard include the Lerrix, a 53-metre long marine bunkering vessel owned by Rix Shipping that works on Humber estuary and around the east coast.

James Doyle, managing director of Rix Sea Shuttle, said the seeing the Rix Cheetah in the water was a red-letter day in the history of shipbuilding on the Humber.

“It‘s fantastic to know that our order is sparking a revival in shipbuilding in this region,” he said.