Covid Risk Assessment

As part of the Health and Safety Executive's "Working safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak" guidance J.R. Rix and Sons have undertaken a comprehensive Risk Assessment of our Witham House Premises and our working practices.

 Full details of this risk assessment can be seen by clicking the download button shown below.




 To protect our staff and visitors Rix has implemented a series of specific actions, procedures and controls here is a summary of the main areas of activity:


Talking with staff about keeping safe as well as providing them with specfic making your workplace 'Covid secure' training

 Putting up information signs throughout the building and at entrances

 Making arrangement for different working patterns and organising for staff to work from home

 The implimentation of new cleaning and hygiene procedures as well as providing sanitisers and face coverings for employees and visitors to the building.

 The erection of screens for vulernable workers and in areas where movement of people is high.

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