Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible, independent, family owned company, we believe that the long-term future of our business is best served by respecting the interests of all our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community.

We fully understand that we are only as strong as the communities in which we trade, so it makes good sense for us to be a fair partner - supporting local communities and ensuring good working conditions for everyone involved. To this end, our vessels are built by local companies – ensuring that we continue to support the local communities around us.

From collaborations with charities, sponsoring local charities and supporting renewables to reduce our carbon emissions, we continue to develop our CSR policies to make a positive impact on all of our working environments where possible.

Rix and the environment

J R Rix and Sons Limited recognise environmental management as an important responsibility and takes practical measures to comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations as a minimum standard.

The company aims to continuously improve its environmental performance by regular examination of its key business processes and procedures.

Best available techniques will be used to minimise our usage and eliminate or render harmless any waste produced. All wastes arising will be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

Examples of our commitment are:

  • We are striving towards a company car policy that only includes cars that fall below our CO2 emissions standards, reducing the amount of harmful emissions we produce.
  • Where possible we bring our petroleum products to Hull by Barge. This is unique to Rix, and helps reduce the impact of heavy trucks on the local road network and environment.
  • Telephone conferencing is used to save emissions emitted by our cars travelling to our locations throughout the UK. Using telephone conferencing where we can instead of travelling to meetings will help to reduce the effect our vehicles have on the environment, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Reducing the amount of paper we use in our offices. Rix encourage our employees to only print paper documents where absolutely necessary. Where we do have to print on paper, we also encourage printing duplex, this cuts down on the amount of paper we use.
  • The company will communicate with employees, the public, suppliers, customers, distributors and contractors on environmental matters and to work with industry and official bodies to gain and spread relevant knowledge.
  • The company has suitable environmental responses in the event of incidents or emergencies.

Every employee at Rix has a contribution to make to our environmental management and a duty to follow management procedures.

Supporting renewables

JR Rix and Sons Ltd have been an integral part of Hull’s economy for more than a century and have demonstrated a clear commitment to the city. Rix’s reputation extends way beyond the City region, but the heart of the company remains centered in our great city in which we were founded.

As a company we have always been an advocate of the use of greener fuels, in fact we were the first company in the UK to make Bio-fuels widely available to the UK retail and commercial markets.

The Humber area, where our head office is located, is driving forward the development of the renewable energy sector providing opportunities for business in tidal technologies, biofuels, wind energy and biomass.

Energy is big business here in Humberside:

27% of the UK's oil refining capacity

20% of the UK's natural gas landings

32% of the UK's coal imports

17% of the UK's electricity generation in and around the area

With a pivotal role in the UK energy sector, an established infrastructure, the capability to handle a diverse energy mix, plus all the associated knowledge and expertise, the Humber area is capitalising on its strengths as a natural location for investment to establish a world class renewable energy hub.

We believe Rix is ideally suited to the opportunities that will come about from the development of offshore renewables and we are fully supportive of this exciting new project for the area. We look forward to working with new partners in this exciting new industry. Whilst we are proud of our heritage we are firmly focused on the future.

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